Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catching culture in my peripheral vision

Front page of the New York Times today features a story about a Swiss rapper called Stress who's been a thorn in the side of Chrisoph Blocher and the Swiss People's Party.

Blocher's party believes in traditional Swiss values, but is also very militant when it comes to anti-immigration legislation (even though Blocher is a descendant of Swabian immigrants from Germany).

Stress is the son of of Estonian immigrants, and says "Blocher's Switzerland is people in the mountains making cheese." Much of his music attacks Swiss People's Party ideology.

So I've lived in Switzerland for over 10 months now, and the first time I hear about Stress is from the New York Times. And not some obscure article buried in the music section. It's on the front page. Interesting that I'm still so steeped in my own culture that I'm not even catching the culture around me in my peripheral vision.

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Chantal said...

Great article. Thanks for the link. I found out about Stress a few months back because someone at my office thought he would be a good spokesperson for a brand. I remember the first time I saw the sheep poster and I couldn't believe how racist it was. Thanks to Stress, at least some people are standing up to things in CH.