Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Tony Challenge

This year, the Y&R network came back from Cannes with 19 Lions. My old Chicago office won two bronze, plus my own shortlisted work. A couple weeks ago, the worldwide CD, Tony Granger sent an email to the network that reads in part:

Our dream is to be consistently ranked in the top three networks.

To give you perspective, BBDO won Network of the Year with 63 Lions: 2 Grand Prix, 16 Gold, 21 Silver, 24 Bronze.

Network Number Two DDB - 49 Lions: 1 Grand Prix, 6 Gold, 18 Silver, 24 Bronze.

Network Number Three Saatchi - 45 total wins: 3 Gold, 13 Silver, 29 Bronze.

As you can see we have a way to go. And today marks the beginning of our push for next year.

We have all inherited a brand that deserves famous work. A brand that has a creative pedigree in its DNA. We are relying on each and every one of you to help make our dream come true. After all, life is too short to be mediocre.

A nice challenge I'll keep in mind. The Geneva office didn't contribute to the network tally. We'll have to remedy that.

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