Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being In Europe Doesn't Change A Thing

The very first assignment I received at this office was a re-think on an ad that had already gone through three rounds with the client. I was coming into the assignment with fresh eyes and clear thinking, fully convinced this was an opportunity to win some awards.

Here’s the timeline of my experience with this assignment (keep in mind, I came in mid-way through the assignment):

Day One: Began reconcepting.

Day Two: Presented work internally, which was well-received.

Day Five: Presented work to the client.

Day Eight: Received client feedback. They liked the ideas. But not for this product. We were asked to come back with some new ideas.

Day Nine: Begin reconcepting.

Day Fifteen: Presented work to the client. They liked one idea, and asked us to move forward on it.

Day Sixteen: Received an email from the client requesting the ad be put “ON HOLD” because they’re feeling pressure from headquarters to reduce spending.

I could tell you which client this was. But it could have easily been any client I’ve ever worked with in my career.


the medeiros family said...

Hey to read about how your family is settling in there in Sweden...oh I mean Switzerland. ;) (that picture of Ansel and the gnome on your family blog is too cute)
Dang, I wish speeding tickets were only $38 in the states. So, the question is: Are you going to be able to get the current episodes of "The Office" and "Lost?"

Greg Christensen said...

"Lost" and "The Office" are probably going to be viewed online.

We're thinking we can put off buying a computer until Christmas. Although that means missing the Olympics and the Presidential Debates. Also, I can get Al Jazeera here, which would be kind of a novelty.