Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maybe the Last Post

Today, my family and I leave Switzerland.

I still have a few interesting things to write about. One or two of them I'd consider rather mind-blowing. I'll have to check my contract to see what the statute of limitations is on my confidentiality contract.

But maybe that's all just chewed down bone, and I've got more important things to focus on now.

If I don't get around to another post, thanks for reading. The Google Ads haven't been as lucrative as people make them seem. But this has still been lots of fun.



Chantal said...

Thanks for sharing your insights! I've enjoyed the blog. Best of luck back in the U.S.

silver (ag) said...

I am SO Happy that you live in my country! We're almost neighbors! I've LOVED your blog and Im super proud of you. Can't wait for the next series....Creative Cowboy?