Sunday, May 30, 2010

Epilogue, Part 4: Swixas

When people learn that I moved from Switzerland to Texas, they're quick to comment on how different things must be for me. Going from the most gorgeous mountains in the world to an expanse so flat people say you can see the back of your head if you stand on a tin can, the geographical difference is undeniable. But after a month in Texas, my wife started pointing out the cultural similarities. Here are a few we've compiled:

Even though Texas is one of the United States and Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, they both have very autonomous attitudes towards everyone else around them. They're affiliated with their neighbors only by convenience.

Both Texas and Switzerland have flags that are iconic enough to set them apart from their neighbors.

Both have a high degree of pride in being an original citizen or not.. You're either Texan/Swiss or you're not. And you get bonus points for being multi-generational.

Between Stetsons and lederhosen, they both have a very iconic dress code (even if the general population doesn't participate).

Step into a Texas or a Swiss gift shop, and you'll see a lot of cow tsotchkes. They both like cattle; Texans eat them and the Swiss milk them.

Arguably, yelling "yee-haw" is a form of yodeling.

Texas has a lot of Mexican refugees. Switzerland has a lot of Portuguese refugees.

Texas gave the world Dr. Pepper. Switzerland gave us the Euro equivalent, Rivella.

See, I'm not the only one who sees the similarities.

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Canadiagaditana said...

Gotta look for those similarities, to make you feel at home. What do the Swiss do BBQ and cowboy hats?