Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Le Subway

Annecy is a gorgeous city about 40 minutes away in France. With rivers running into the city from Lac d'Annecy, some call it the Venice of France.

There's a promenade along the lake shore, a castle over looking the town, and open-air markets along the riverside. But the main reason we drove 40 minutes to Annecy last Saturday was because they have a Subway.

Except for my freshman year in college, I've always considered Subway one of the bottom feeders of the fast food chain. But we've been living in Switzerland for over a year and a half. And anything served with refillable sodas looks pretty tasty to us.


pcskiboy said...

You might recall that after spending a week with you @ NYU, i traveled to Annecy and stayed at a beautiful old castle hotel over looking the lake. That town was indeed magical.

Chantal said...

Looks like a great town to visit...for more reasons that one :)

My little town is also getting a Subway. I'm looking forward to those refills with ice.