Friday, December 12, 2008

Tortellini au homard

I went to lunch with an expat friend today. The plat du jour was tortellini au homard. I asked the waiter what homard is. He replied, “In English: hamster.”

My friend and I thought no way. But then we remembered in France they eat horsemeat, so hamster pasta couldn’t be too far a stretch.

So we pulled the trigger and ordered hamster pasta. It was pretty good. It tasted a lot like lobster.

Which is a strange coincidence, because “hamster” sounds a lot like “lobster” when spoken by a Swiss waiter with a lip ring.


the medeiros family said...

ugh...are you serious?? Well, I'm impressed you gave it a try. Will you be getting your kids a hamster anytime soon? ;)

Nate said...

a popular dish in peru is guinea pig. unlike yourself, while i was there, i did not take the opportunity to try it. at festivals they will simply roast the thing whole and put it a a stick. later, we heard it was more of a tourist thing and locals were kinda over the whole eat-a-guinea-pig thing.

silver (ag) said...

if someone would have figured out how to make clear plastic mazes & wheels for cows to play on would that give us pause to stop and ponder if they are worthy of eating or petting only? cow, guinea pig, dog, cat, sea monkey, i say eat um all.
can we come up with a new song? chicken & hamster chicken & hamster, chicken & chicken & chicken & it doesnt sound right.
hey greg-- what color hamster pasta do you have in your mouth?