Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Makin' Ads Abroad

Since returning to the States, I've had a lot of requests for advice on getting a job overseas. To answer most of those questions, I wrote an ebook. Click here to download.

Hopefully, it's more useful than self-indulgent. Enjoy.


Chantal said...

This is really nice. I agree with almost everything in here. Hope it inspires many to follow in our footsteps!

Anonymous said...

Ah do I detect undertones to some of these posts? We're all waiting for you to check your contract before you reveal all...

In life you move on to bigger and better as what you experienced for many years, which seemed so wonderful and dynamic at the time, dwindles into nothing.

Unfortunately so many people in the ad business have their heads up their asses. Managers who reveal on the local radio show that the secret to success is to walk at great speed through the offices ... How about slowing doen and doing great work for the clients? I wonder how many clients felt that they should get more than high speed wind from their agency?

Some great blog comments and I like your expat booklet.

Someone you crossed in geneva ...

Greg Christensen said...

Dear Someone I Crossed,

You're not the first to point out such undertones in these posts. They're not intentional, but they must be there. Probably a result of strained sarcasm.

I have checked my contract and there are two instances I've decided to withhold. They're nothing scandalous or embarrassing. Just fun stories that probably shouldn't be posted to the general public. Assuming you're someone I worked with, please drop me a line. I'd be happy to share them with you. Fran, Claire and Fred all have my personal email address.

I had never heard the swiftly-walking story. I should have listened to more World Radio Switzerland. Very funny. And a little sad.


ps. I hope the fact that I crossed you in Geneva means we crossed paths and not that I made you angry. If it's the latter, please accept my apologies for whatever it is I did to cross you. If it's the former, don't be a stranger.